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The Revs Soccer Ball (Before)
March 18, 2009, 5:20 am
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When you search Google for “soccer knitting patterns” you usually get those mom-blogs talking about knitting during their kid’s soccer games. However, I found one awesome pattern for a soccer ball from the Needle Exchange.

It’s a truly awesome pattern. I tried it out in some scrap yarn to make a blue and white one (Italy, see?). Unfortunately, I’m 300 miles away from it and never took pictures.

What I did next was go out and find red, white and blue wool, doubled the size of the pattern-starting with 10 stitches on each side of each panel, and created my first knitting project devoted to my favorite MLS team: the Revs soccer ball.

Before pics after the jump:

You have to see a series of pictures to understand what I did…

I did one of the pentagons surrounded by five hexagons in red for the top and another six panels for the blue. They were connected by 10 pentagons and ten hexagons in white. Then I stitched “Revolution” and the team crest on the white.

You have to see the whole thing rotated to get it:

The Revs Crest on the Ball

The Revs Crest on the Ball










Somehow, I forgot “After” (after the laundry machine!) pics, and again, 300 miles away. But don’t worry, I actually have a project I’ve completed to show you later!


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That’s awesome, Julia. It’s amazing what you can find on the web. There’s actually some sort of weird subculture about crocheting food items – seriously, google “Crochet Food”. What are you going to do with this faux soccer ball?

Comment by Aunt Lori

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